#4✩Happy Birthday to Me✩

Saturday was my birthday. I can’t believe it. Especially my age now. XD But I have to thank my grandmother for the young genes so I still look like I’m in my 20s at least! And yes, I’m still very much gal.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do anything on the actual day. But the night after was the night my friends at work and I were going to have our belated holiday dinner. And little did I know, they were planning to mix my birthday into it.

My friends brought a Boston cream pie cake (one of my top favorites!) and I even got presents! We went to the new(ish) Hooters near my house and luckily it wasn’t as crowded as it normally gets.

I wish I had taken a lot more pictures because it was really fun. We had some drinks and lots of good food. The first time I tried the food at Hooters, it was not a great experience. But this one definitely made up for it!

We had all kinds of boneless wings in different flavors, fried pickles, giant onion rings and tots. And for an actual meal I had a western bbq burger. Everything was so tasty!

But what made my night, and I know this is super cheesy, but it was an amazing night that I got to share with friends. No talk of work, only fun and crazy topics. And the girls even did their birthday chant for us.

I wasn’t even drunk but I am a natural klutz so let’s just say it was an interesting way of serving the slices of cake.

Here was my look of the night!

It made feel feel so loved and special. When you work, you never really know the impact you have on others. But sometimes, you are blessed with those that become your friends. And I am proud to call them my friends!