✩#56 – Shop Update✩

It’s been a while since I last talked about my shop on here. I’ve been on Storenvy for quite some time. But it was finally time to leave.

I stayed on there for a long while because running a shop is already costly with time and money for creating and then making up the listings. There are very few websites that allow free listings. But eventually these sites have to get their own income somehow. But I felt like Storenvy just wasn’t worth it anymore.

After a long time going back and forth about it, I did some more research on where to go from there. The part that gave me the final push, though, wasn’t even about my shop.

Not many people outside of my close friends know how important the Earth is to me. And with the news of the Rainforest fires and the Great Barrier Reef doing so poorly, I felt so helpless. Like doing all of the right things like reducing use of resources like water or recycling everything just wasn’t enough.

Byte Size Treasure on Insta

Then on Insta I saw a portion of the art community coming together, creating and selling pins and artwork of animals from the Rainforest to create donations to help save it. I know I’m not much of an illustrator but I definitely can craft. It sparked a light of inspiration in me so that I could use my shop to do the same.

So I am very happy to say that my shop will now be found on Big Cartel and half of the proceeds will be donated to help save the Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef! The shop is a lot smaller for now but I hope that this will be a brand new start. I will be adding a few new items very soon that I think will be very fitting for my cause.

I still have my Ko-fi running so if you would like to help my cause by supporting my brand, you are able to do so there as well! My brand means so much more now and I want it to help out as much as possible!

Please feel free to share and/or support!

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