✩#64 Wish List – Brand: Diamond Lashes✩

I’ve tried all sorts of lashes since I learned how to use them properly. But nothing comes close to Diamond Lash. I’m not saying they’re essential to Gyaru but I love them. They give my eyes such an amazing look and make my makeup so much more dramatic. Here are the ones I absolutely love!

WAVE CORPORATION Diamond Lash | Eyelash | 2 Glamorous Eyes On Eyelashes 5P
Diamond Lash WAVE CORPORATION Eyelash | 2 Princess Eyes Under Eyelashes 5P
Diamond Lash False Eyelash – Girly Style Dl51587 (5 Pairs)
Diamond Lash Japan False Eyelash – Girly Style DL51588

What are your go-to lashes?

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