✩#72 Gal News: EGG Autumn 2019 Announced!✩

The last time we received major news about the famous Gal bible, EGG, we learned that the goal was to have it printed as a quarterly. A kickstarter-type of funding was made for the next issue to be released October as the Autumn issue. Seems the company did not expect the previous issue to sell as well as it did and didn’t have enough copies. This project would allow more issues to be printed but I’m also guessing that it would be to help them in case this next issue wouldn’t have as many sales. That maybe the previous issue having sold out was just luck? Maybe they are still testing the demand for it?


Earlier last month, it was confirmed that their project for the next issue was fully funded! In fact, it was more than tripled! They had a goal of 1,000,000円 and ended with a whopping 3,224,000円!

The official EGG Insta account announced its release 10/1! (Yesterday in Japan)

If you were able to back the project, you can expect a copy within 3-4 days along with this really cute holographic sticker as a gift!

This is amazing news! This is telling me that the previous issue being sold out everywhere wasn’t just a fluke. That many people actually want this back in print. Myself included.

I’m mostly hoping that with another issue, maybe it can go back to being a monthly magazine? In the comments section of the funding page, there was one comment suggesting this. The response seemed to think it wasn’t a bad idea! So here’s hoping! I’m going to try to get my issue through my local Kinokuniya!

[EGG Autumn 2019] 
♡ Status: On Sale (Japan)
♡ Release Date: 1 October 2019 (Japan) 
♡ Sold: Physical stores and online!
♡ Shipping: Japan only! If you are outside of Japan, you will need a shopping service!

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