✩#75 Kawaii Planners✩

Does anyone know the Korean stationary character Lovely White? Or even remember getting adorable small-sized refillable planners?

When we had a lot more Korean and Japanese stationary stores here in NY, I bought lots of things with cute patterns. I wasn’t much of a planner though but I used them when I could. And thankfully in pencil.

Earlier this year (or maybe even late last year), on one of my Kinokuniya trips, I found this really adorable My Melody planner. I’m proud of myself to have managed to keep using it all year. My only regret was that I spent a little too much on it. (I know, you spend more when it’s a Sanrio character and imported…but still, it’s not even refillable!)

I didn’t wanna’ spend so much on a planner for next year since I don’t have much to put in it. But then I remembered, I still had these three old planners which I never really used from many years ago. And still in really great condition!

From early 2000s….

They’re all super cute and two of them are refillable with the correct paper. The third is one-time use but it doesn’t bother me. I am hoping to use one of these for next year but I started worrying that I wouldn’t have enough sheets for the entire year if I needed.

So I went researching online.

I quickly found out that these are now considered “vintage”. I was so surprised. I would have thought that these designs would continue on like Sanrio or Babu since Morning Glory is still around. But apparently not.

If anyone knows where I can find more cute planners like this or even these exact kinds, please let me know in the comments!

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