✩#81 Gal News: Gaijin Gal Magazine Papillon is Live✩

So it’s been a while since we talked about this. But the wait is finally over! Earlier this morning, Papillon has arrived! There was an Insta live right before the magazine appeared on their website where you could talk to Darla and Lea. It was full of info and fun times!

My baby Ami-chan ToT I’m so proud of you!!!!♥

During the Insta live, so many gals joined at different hours of the day and night to show our love and support. I actually stayed up until 2am for the live and the release XD I am crazy!

Just looking through it, I felt like I bought an actual magazine in a store. Everything was just so beautiful! Look at these spreads!

I even saw two members of my Gyarusa 109 Degrees! ♥

What was really amazing was seeing how much care and effort went into this project. It really brought a lot of the community together. And that’s something that I think Gyaru as a whole really benefits from. Especially since there have been a lot of newer gals joining. We want to do as much as we can as a community to make everyone feel welcome and show them the better side of Gyaru.

It was hinted that if there was enough people that want it, we could try to get an actual printed copy! I’m really hoping for that! It will go right on my shelf with my prized collection of EGG.

So get on their social media and let them know how badly we want a printed copy!

Thank you so much everyone that made the project come to life!

Also, if you would like to submit anything or want to help out with future issues, be sure to let them know! I know I will!

I was so blown away by the beautiful magazine itself and wanted to see everything that I haven’t read it yet. Later this week, I will write a reaction post after I read it thoroughly. So be sure to look out for my next post about Papillon!♥

[Papillon Magazine]
♡ Status: Live!
♡ Release Date: October 19
♡ Follow their Insta: @magazinepapillon
♡ Follow their Twitter: @PapillonPR109
♡ Follow their FB: https://www.facebook.com/PapillonPR109/
♡ Website: http://magazine-papillon.com/

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