✩#85 Let’s Discuss: Gaijin Gal Magazine Papillon✩

It’s been about a week since Papillon went live as a digital magazine. I know the Gyaru community has been posting and talking a lot about it on social media. But I still would like to give my input on it since it really became an important piece.

No one other than the editors knew what to expect inside. We were teased with WIP versions of the covers and some of the models allowed us to see tiny snips of their magazine looks. With as few spoilers as we got, it turned into one of the most anticipated Gal-related items in a long time.

And when it was finally released, Papillon did not disappoint.

The symbolism of a Papillon (French for butterfly) and their transformation holds a very deep meaning for many people. Especially for Gyaru. Darla, creator of the magazine, goes into depth about this change in her opening piece.

“All of us grow like butterflies. We encounter a metamorphism to be what we choose to. Whether it be our best self from the inside or out (I think both are crucial personally!). We all sought out this fashion culture for one reason or another, I truly think through gyaru, we have changed as people. Much like butterflies do!”

Darla, Papillon Vol 1

It’s so true. I know I feel so much better about myself when I am in Gal. I have more confidence and I love all the different styles and looks I can do. I feel free.

I have to say that I was very happy to see all sorts of models from all around the world for the magazine. It really confirmed for me that Gyaru is not only about fashion and looks, but it’s about community. You could be anywhere in the world. You could have any body type, background, style, etc. Gyaru brought us all together.

One of my favorite spreads was for this year’s Gyaru Jubilee. It really looked like a Gal’s scrapbook. A lot of the photos were seen on each attendee’s/organizer’s individual social media but they were all presented so beautifully here.

Lea’s interview with Black Diamond was amazing. I felt like I was reading an interview in the old Gal magazines. The photos were stunning and the layout blew me away. I was also very happy with the amount of pages dedicated to it. It was very thorough and you really got a feel of how the members are.

Baby Gals was just too precious for words! Everything was just so fun and colorful. It really made all of the models shine!

The fashion trends section featured a well-rounded amount of different styles. Each had their own theme and layout but still felt part of the same idea. I loved that there was information on what clothes and accessories the models were using.

The hair and makeup tutorials. I truly appreciate how clear and easy to follow they are. And they include colors! A lot of the old tutorials featured looks using only eyeliner or natural shades.

I loved all that were there but I definitely want more. ♥

It was also nice to see the Salon Stylist Q&A. Many of us Gyaru are creative in different ways. We make art pieces, have shops, blogs, vlogs and so much more!

The Favorite Items and Gyaru Room sections were beautiful. Those are actually my favorite sections to look through when reading the old Gal magazines. They really help with inspo and ideas if you’re like me who needs help with what to get. XD

I feel called out with this meme XD

And since this issue was released in October, it included a Halloween section! It has a nice mix of scary and cute but still Gyaru looks.

Throughout the magazine, there were ads specific to Gyaru. Nothing unrelated was present, which is something I truly appreciate. From beginning to end, it was nothing but wonderful Gyaru content.

So what do I think?

I am still totally amazed by this first issue. Every layout and spread just kept me wanting to see more and more. The articles were beautifully written in the voice of each writer. The butterfly motif was present as often as possible and in different styles and colors! So much ビジュー (bijou) and キラキラ (kirakira).

So I have to say congratulations and thank you for such a successful first issue. This magazine is something that was definitely needed. Gyaru does best when the community is thriving with positivity and everyone is lifting each other up. In the past, it’s been really tough. But I believe Papillon is the first step to a beautiful transformation for the future of Gal.

This magazine is truly worthy of Gyaru. If you love Gyaru or are a Gyaru and haven’t read this yet, go do it!

[Papillon Magazine]
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