✩#92 Feels like winter✩

It is only the middle of November and we already got a super light dusting of snow! I know it’s basically winter but I’m still not ready for it. I miss the spring and summer when I didn’t need to have a bulky coat.

I guess I can’t complain too much since other states have gotten at least a foot of snow! I should really start getting more sweaters. DaTuRa (R.I.P.) had my favorite style that were cozy and sexy with the cross straps in the back. If I find them secondhand, I will definitely get a few!

I didn’t realize it until now that most of my Gyaru clothing are for the summer. Guess you know which weather I prefer! xD I have to get into that change.

Speaking of change, I’ve been playing with my eye shape again. I took inspiration from ゆ〜ちょぱ !

What do you think? Does it look okay? I know I have a lot to fix but I’m waiting until I can get some Colourpop eyeliners so I can practice more! It’s tough finding just the right eye shape.

Oh well, wish me luck!♥

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