✩#108 I’m Back and Happy New Year✩

Happy New Year!

Huge apologies for the sudden disappearance. With how things were going, I didn’t have any time and didn’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s been a long time since I went back home to AZ. And most of my money has been going quickly towards bills and such, it just wasn’t there to visit for a second time in 2019.

That’s when Darling’s mom called me.

She wanted to give us a wonderful Christmas gift of being together for the holidays, our anniversary, New Year’s and my birthday. So without saying a word to him, which was very tough, we planned my trip out to AZ on Christmas Day.

I have never been so excited! These events which would happen in just a couple of weeks are the biggest all year! Besides his birthday in April of course.

Darling works super hard and rarely gets vacation. We wanted to make this time special so we could celebrate all of these wonderful days together.

I am so grateful for my other mom. ♥ (I don’t call her mother-in-law. I love her as much as my own mom. So she is also mom.)

On Christmas Day, having spent the eve with my own family, I was on a super early nonstop flight to Arizona. He had to work the day so I wouldn’t see him till that night. But I was picked up by his mom and we hung out with some family for their Christmas dinner.

When we arrived home that night, I was so excited and nervous. Hoping he didn’t somehow find out what was going on. But as soon as he stepped through that door, I threw my arms around him and held on tight. I just loved the fact that his arms automatically wrapped around me even though he was super confused.

It was such an amazing feeling and I just loved seeing how happy he was. Even thinking about it now gives me warm feelings.

This was more of a relaxation trip so we didn’t go out of our way to do any sightseeing. We just did normal things like going out to eat, going shopping and getting errands done.

The first night, we had Chili’s. I think I had eaten there like once before but it’s out far. So this was a good opportunity.

Right before I had arrived, it had snowed a little in the mountains so it was a bit cold and there was still snow on the caps. But the great thing about this state is that snow doesn’t usually last for long.

Just about every day was beautiful, sunny and I could go out with a light jacket!

On the days that Darling had to work, mom had taken time off so I wouldn’t be alone. Which is so sweet of her! On those days we really bonded and we went shopping, got lunch and even had some delicious froyo!

Over the weekend, all three of us had time to go out together so we went to different stores. This Saturday was also the start of Darling’s vacation. We got some great breakfast from one of my fave diners there, Rutherford’s 66.

Yes, I like my bacon well done. Don’t judge.

I’m a bit more of a coffee fiend than Darling but I don’t go crazy for Starbucks. He had told me of this one place nearby that is supposed to be good and he never had the chance to go. So on one of our trips out, he drove us to “The Human Bean” and I had the most delicious white chocolate mocha! It was half the price of Starbucks! Double score! Not to mention, they gave me a few free chocolate-covered espresso beans. I never ate them before but they are my my new favorite thing now.

I forgot to take a pic as soon as I got this so most of the beans are already eaten XD

Our anniversary is Dec 28 but sadly Darling came down with a cold and we didn’t get to celebrate properly. But it was totally okay with me as we were together and I love taking care of him. Thankfully, he got better quickly and we were able to do more things.

Among those things was celebrating my birthday for the final weekend. My birthday was on the 5th so it was a Sunday. There is one place I love going to and it’s quite a drive so we opted to celebrate Saturday instead.

On the way, we stopped off to pick up mom’s medicine and I saw Hostess had these birthday cake cupcakes. As a joke, I wanted this to be my cake XD

We traveled to Bullhead City for my favorite Japanese restaurant called Samurai Grill. We each got a plate of food that was cooked on the grill in front of us and the chef did a few extra tricks with the flames and his cooking tools.

They also sang happy birthday to me and gave me a delicious slice of cheese cake! (Sorry no photo, I ate it too fast)

We continued on after lunch to have some fun at the casinos in Loughlin where we won some money and got these huge eclairs! I couldn’t believe that they took up the size of the take away box and they’re only 5$. Sooooooooo good!

All full and content, we turned in for the night as the next day would be my official birthday. Darling had a nice little surprise for me as he made my favorite breakfast. It’s his version of Loco Moco. It’s simple but so tasty.

We pretty much spent the day near home and hung out with some friends. We didn’t do too much as I had to get prepared for my final day.

Mom went to work and we had to get Darling’s truck serviced so we stayed in the area till it would be ready. I didn’t have to leave till later that night so we had all day. We stopped in this cute little diner named Calico’s for a yummy breakfast!

He got the Arizona omelette while I got cheese blintz. After, we decided to walk around and checked out some of the shops and acted like real tourists visiting THE Route 66.

I find bunnies everywhere.

Finally, after a bit, Darling’s truck was ready and we picked it up and went back home. I got all my stuff together and relaxed with him. We were able to have dinner with Mom one more time before heading to the airport at delicious Cracker Barrel.

Butterfly display at the airport.

I didn’t feel sad leaving because I knew this is where my heart is. And I will be moving out there. So it was more of a “see you later”.

4$ at the airport and it tried so hard to be a Shirley Temple xD

Don’t worry, I will be back very soon.

The view over Vegas
6am in NY

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip! It was really needed and confirmed even more than I belong in AZ. Wish me luck in getting out there easily and soon!

I will be posting regularly now! So be sure to look out for them! And as always, thank you for all your support!

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