✩#111 Gal News: Baby Shoop Closes Its Doors in Harajuku✩

Alba Rosa coats and EGG magazines being sold in stores again. Gyaru appearing once more on TV. More Japanese and Gaijin Gyaru appearing, new and old. Brands selling fashion aimed at Gal.

The Gyaru Boom is happening.

But even with all of this, we were hit with slightly less happy news.

Baby Shoop will be closing its Harajuku location in less than two weeks.

Since the brand’s birth in the 90s, it had many branch locations including Osaka, Ikebukuro and Shibuya. Within the last couple of years, it has closed most of these locations with Harajuku being next.

What does this mean for the brand?

Well, for one thing, we always hope that the brand is not doing poorly. If anyone in Japan would like to let me know if this is the case, please do!

But it’s very possible that Baby Shoop is trying a new direction that many brands have already started doing. Over the years, the brand has opened up overseas selling with Rakuten and began concentrating on their SNS. By doing this, they allow themselves to gain more exposure and perhaps more sales. Which I find to be very helpful as many brands in the past shut down because they lacked in reaching a bigger audience.

Here’s hoping to nothing but success for Baby Shoop!

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