✩#115 Gal News: Gals Graduation✩

Sometimes, good things must come to an end. There was something that was precious to us for what seemed like forever and suddenly it’s not that top life priority anymore. And for three Japanese Gyaru, that might be the case.

Black Diamond said goodbye to Aichorisu (あいちょりす) who will be graduating from Gal and the group. They had a wonderful event to send her off with a fun party. Because there’s no better way for Gyaru than going out in Gal style!

On Aichorisu’s personal twitter, you can see the original MV to the song she used for her graduation. It’s really catchy!

From EGG magazine, Gyaru models Pito (ぴと) and Ayaka (あやか) will be leaving as well. They were even kind enough to leave us with a video and some goodies!

If you are in Japan around March 20th, you will be able to attend their farewell event which you can buy tickets for! There will be live performances, entertainment and much more. Purchase here!

You can make it extra special by also purchasing a little balloon and card to be displayed at the event! Purchase here!

And for one last special parting gift, the new EGG Spring ’20 issue will be released 3/2! You can pre-order until February for a copy signed by one of the EGG models and a holo EGG sticker. You must be living in Japan but you can definitely use an SS if you’re not!

Even though it’s always sad to say goodbye, we wish nothing but a wonderful future in all that they do. They will always be remembered for being amazing Gyaru and big inspirations. Good luck and best wishes!

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