✩#116 – Spring 2020: BLACK QUEEN✩

BLACK QUEEN has done it again. No matter what kind of Gyaru you are, there is something for almost every style. The brand recently started bringing out items from their new Spring collection and they did not disappoint!

Pastel Color Knit
Gold Button Check OP
Bi-Color Couple Hoodie
Sold separately but work together as a set!
Trimmed Ribbon Blouse
Ruffled Dress with Gold Buckle Belt
Off Shoulder Lace Dress
Tulle Sleeved Blouse
V-Neck Layered Lace Top
Check Tunic OP
Rib Knit OP
Lace Cross Top
Pastel Hoodie
Knit Layered OP
Lace Sleeve Top
Lace Ruffle Ribbon Dress
Sleeveless Tight Mini Dress
Lace Midi Length Black Dress
Floral Print Bijou Dress

I got a lot of oldschool D.I.A., Liz Lisa and DaTura vibes. Which makes me really happy since we don’t see a lot of these styles anymore. Now I’m excited to see what other things we will see from Black Queen this year ♥

[BLACK QUEEN Spring 2020] 
♡ Status: On Sale
♡ Release Date: January 2020 
♡ Sold: https://black-queen.jp/
♡ Shipping: Japan only! If you are outside of Japan, you will need a shopping service!

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