✩#154 SWIMMER is Coming Back!✩

Does anyone else remember the SWIMMER brand? It had so many adorable items ranging from magical girl style to patterns to kawaii bunnies. I was extremely sad when they decided to close down back in 2017. I had never bought anything from them before even though I knew they’ve been in existence since 1987!

So when I managed to finally get a few things, it was whatever was still available so it’s not a whole lot. I’ll rewrite a post I made on my old blog so you can see all the little goodies I had gotten! But in case you need a reminder right now of the items the brand used to have, check out this Pinterest board I found!

SWIMMER had a lot of in-house designers making cute things for them which they sold at very affordable prices. But with inflation, not even the power of kawaii could keep them going. And instead of charging a ton more, they decided to close down. According to the news, the new SWIMMER will now be under new ownership and concentrate on the art of their long-time designer Hizume Mikaru. It looks like they will also be selling a bigger variety of things including makeup!

I’m super excited! Do you buns have any items from SWIMMER? Let me know in the comments!

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