✩#155 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge: Day 29✩

The gyaru items you have brought over
the past 29 days

They’re stuck in Japan Post Office!

I bought a bunch of EGG magazines before they closed EMS shipping to the US. But of course, that’s the moment that they stopped. So they’ve been stuck there since the end of April…. Hopefully they’ll start shipping soon!!!

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2 thoughts on “✩#155 – 30 Day Gyaru Challenge: Day 29✩”

  1. (;A; ) I hope you get them soon! I wanted to buy some lenses but I was just too afraid with all this going on. Even without a shutdown I’ve had my packages held up before :/
    – Amiman♥

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    1. I hope so too! T_T I want my Kaa-tan issue so bad!!!!! I know how you feel! I’m also waiting for a craft box and since it comes from Singapore the lockdown made the wait even worse for that!!!!


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