✩#162 – 10 Week Gyaru Blog Challenge: Week 5✩

Week 5 challenge:

Sharing the Love

Last time, we talked about our inspirations. Today, I’m going to share accounts of gals that I think deserve some love and shoutouts. Because they’re amazing!



(blog: Alice in Gyaruland)
My babe, Ami-chan. She is an amazing gal and blogger. Ami is a doll and serves so many amazing looks. Like can a magazine please give her a modeling job already? She also runs a blog where she posts some rundowns of her amazing makeup skills and outfits and so much more! Please go check out her SNS!


Lala is a design wizard in both graphic work and gal looks. She always makes my heart flutter whenever she posts. And I’m so happy to be able to work with her on Papillon. She really has taught me so much and she’s just amazing!


I absolutely LOVE her oldschool Ganguro looks! She does amazing and colorful makeup and coords. Never afraid to be herself and I admire that a lot. She also does cosplay and weight-lifting! She’s so strong!

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I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time and her looks still blow my mind. Her makeup and style are such goals for me when it comes to dressing up in Tsuyome. Plus she has the cutest birbs and I love when she posts stories with them!


Super Gal Queen. I am blown away by every look she posts, in and out of gal. Kuma’s makeup game is super strong and so perfect! She’s also the amazing leader of 109 Degrees Gyarusa!


Bambi’s looks are strong and fierce. She is stunning in Banba, Yamanba, Manba and all other styles she does! I love her coordinates especially for Tsuyome!


( blog: Gaijingal-Sakura : blog of a french gyaru mama )
Elo is one of my favorite gyaru mamas. She always looks so stylish and she takes lots of cute photos with her boy! He loves her style which I find so adorable. She also blogs so check it out!


Gal Grandma! I love her so much. She looks stunning in Onee but can really work any style. I can’t choose which is my favorite look!


(blog: Me & Angel)
Shin inspires me so much in both coordinates and design work. I love how she always combines new and old pieces for her looks and makes it her own. She also runs a blog that I love to read! I also learned a lot from her. And she’s unstoppable as a designer.


(blog: Catty’s Hime Dream)
Cattea is such a sweetheart. She is very helpful, kind and always there when you need her. And another amazing designer! I am surrounded by so many talented people ToT She also started blogging and it’s always a great read!


I LOVE her makeup and style! I still don’t know how she is a baby gal. Her first tries are a million times better than my best days XD I can’t wait to see more from her!


I ADORE Riko. ♥ No matter what style, she is just a goddess! She is super sweet and super beautiful. I can’t pick which style I love best. They’re all wonderful! And if you love Para-Para, she does routines on her Insta! Go follow her!


Dany is an amazing gal. She blogs. She’s a photographer. And she lives in Arizona! (Where I eventually plan to end up moving…hopefully soon) I remember reading her blog a while back and was so sad when she stopped. But she’s back and going strong!

If you haven’t already, definitely give these gals some love! They deserve it all and more!

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