✩#164 Gyaru Make with Me! Japanese Sando✩

How are you all? Doing well, I hope!

I was inspired by a lot of bloggers sharing their favorite foods and how they make them. Today, I wanted to do my own! It was also the first time making this properly since I never know the right amount of time to cook the eggies. XD

I will show you how to make Japanese Sando! I love these and they’re so easy to make. I first learned how to do it with my favorite Korean Grandma Maangchi! And now, I feel like I have reached another level with it after making a few additions/changes to it for myself~

So let’s get to it!
Here are the things you will need:
1-2 eggies (depending on how many you want)
Kewpie Mayo
Your favorite seasonings

1. Boil your eggies
I always let them sit for about 10 minutes because I never knew the right amount of time for them to cook and they always end up crumbly and dry XD A friend of mine gave me a guide on perfect cooking for them and said the magic number is 6 minutes! And they were perfect!

And by the way, my friend is an amazing crocheter and makes all sorts of stuff. She is open for business and will take commissions!

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Market bags are my new obsession.

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Check out her Insta!

2. Cool and open
I run them under ice cold water until they can be handled and opened.

3. Cut them
You can use a regular knife or if you have one of these awesome cutters, the cuts will be uniform and pretty! I cut twice to get more of a dice cut.

4. Seasoning
I don’t add much to mine because it’s pretty much all that you need. I put in salt, white pepper and to make this properly you should use the Japanese Kewpie mayo. You can however make your own version if you aren’t able to get it! I used to do it before finding these at the supermarkets. Let me know if you want that quick little recipe!

5. Make the sandwich!
Be gentle when mixing it all together. I like to keep the pieces as I cut them because they add a nice texture to each bite. Then all you do is place it on your bread and it’s done!

I know this isn’t the most extravagant thing ever, but it’s a nice lunch when you don’t feel like having your normal stuff. I also like to have it with a side of chips especially these honey & butter ones~

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