✩#165 – 10 Week Gyaru Blog Challenge: Week 6✩

Week 6 challenge:

What made you start gyaru?

As I wrote in a previous post, it was mostly because of all the gaijin Gyaru blogs that were starting to pop up alongside the Lolita ones I was reading. Some of them had followed several gals that were known for being Hime or Himekaji because of how similar they are to Hime Lolita. So naturally, I started reading some of those and eventually switched over. And the rest is history! XD


If you’re Gal, tell me what made you start!

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One thought on “✩#165 – 10 Week Gyaru Blog Challenge: Week 6✩”

  1. I discovered gyaru through Lolita as well 😀 Though I stuck with Lolita, so many romantic pieces can work for both. And of course, gyaru gets fewer looks and comments than Lolita so it’s more convenient sometimes~


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