✩#166 I finally Got My Happy Mail!✩

I think things are starting to look a little better! Cause lookie what I got! ♥

I had mentioned in a previous post that they were stuck in Japan because of the virus. Japan was not shipping with Japan Post at all! I had been waiting since April 20th!


But nevertheless! They have arrived safely!

And I have the rare Kaa-tan issue! I’m so excited! It’s such a beautiful issue! I feel like I have leveled up in my EGG collection now XD

Hoping to get more old ones like the ULTRA rare first issue. I think I will just faint if I ever find one to buy!

Maybe I can do a post exploring the Kaa-tan issue! Would anyone be interested? Let me know!♥

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2 thoughts on “✩#166 I finally Got My Happy Mail!✩”

  1. Wow what a flashback to see those covers!! I’d like to see anything you want to share from the magazines :3

    I didn’t watch gyaru community as much towards the beginning, and even afterward mostly more lolita-type styles like hime and ame(?). And yamanba because that’s just really distinctive XD

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