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✩#61 – Saturday Mourning Cartoons✩

Hey all!
This past Saturday I went to see some of my friends in an art show which one of them curated! It was called “Saturday Mourning Cartoons”. Nice play on words right?

It was a show based on an idea that my friend had. Everyone always talk about how we miss the old cartoons we grew up with in the 80s and 90s. We were both born in the 80s so we appreciated the animations of both eras. So this show was in remembrance of the shows we grew up with and how sad we are that there are no more Saturday Morning Cartoons.

The show featured:
J.Clyde IG: @myfavoritecoloris_
Black Mamba
Ms. Blanco

There were so many pieces with so many references to shows from our childhood. So much nostalgia and great memories all around. There was even a live DJ playing all sorts of music with a good amount just from the 90s! And free cereal!

Points to any of my readers if you recognize any of the characters!

Pieces brought by the artists could be purchased there on the spot. So even though the event itself was free, you could still support them!

Started to get hungry after a while, plus both my friend and I were dying in our heels, so we stopped by her favorite ramen spot nearby.

We also got Okonomiyaki-style tots which were delicious!
First time I actually liked a beer!

Once we were done eating, we went back to the show and met up with even more friends! That was a really nice surprise. We also saw how much more packed the venue became. It was really great seeing so many people to come out to support!

I am so proud of my friends and the other artists in the show. You could definitely see the joy and love they put into the pieces that they brought. It was a great show and made everyone that came just as happy. It really was the best way to remember our favorite cartoons growing up. Our happy memories and thinking back on simpler times. Hopefully to reawaken the child in all of us.

Also as promised, here are pics of my look for the night! I went for 90s Gyaru. My main inspo was GALS! of course~

Many, many thanks to Elo for helping me with my bottom liner technique!♥

Outfit breakdown:
Butterfly flutter clip: original 90s
Earrings: F21
Shell Necklace: gift shop purchase from past trip to Florida
Lilo and Stitch jacket: Hot Topic
Liz Lisa top: Mercari using Tenshi Shop shopping service
Belt and Pants: No name brand
Boots: Wish

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