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✩#143 – Summer Gal with F21✩

In case you didn’t know, I love F21. It’s affordable and I can find a lot of things that are perfect for gal. I haven’t been shopping for things other than necessities but it was nice to see what’s up on their site now.

Here are a few things I thought would be perfect for summery gyaru looks!


Pinstriped Floral Cami Mini Dress
Lemon Print Off-the-Shoulder Top
Tropical Floral Halter Jumpsuit
Tropical Floral Print Mini Dress
Tropical Print M-Slit Maxi Dress
Tropical Print Skirt
Tropical Bralette Bikini Top
Tropical Fruit Print Swim Trunks
(It shows a male model but I think gals can wear it too! How cute would it be?!)

I even found some tops perfect for Gyaru-o!

Tropical Parrot Print Polo
Classic Tropical Print Shirt
Tropical Leaf Print Tee
Classic Floral & Leaf Print Shirt


Beaded Pineapple Drop Earrings
(They look like lemons to me XD )
Resin Palm Tree Drop Earrings
Tropical Twist-Front Headwrap

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