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✩#124 – New Sakura Frap Coming to Starbucks Japan✩

Sakura, or cherry blossom, flavor is hugely popular in Japan. So much, that there are even Starbucks drinks! We’ve seen them released for a while in hot and cold versions. But this year, it looks like they wanted to try something a little different.

The “Sakura Cherry Frap” or Sakura Sakuranbo Frappuccino 『さくらさくらんぼフラペチーノ®』will actually have blended cherry pulp. The original Sakura milk flavor of the frap is sweet with a hint of strawberry which will go nicely with the bittersweet taste of the cherry pulp. The cups will also feature super cute Sakura flower patterns. You can also get a free topping of pink, white, and blue sugar-coated roasted rice pieces. It would be the perfect drink during Hanami time since the petals fly everywhere!

Are you a fan of Starbucks and will be in Japan? Let us know how it tastes!

[Sakura Sakuranbo Frappuccino]
♡ Status: TBR
♡ Release Date: Feb 26 – March 12
♡ Sold: Starbucks in Japan, nationwide until end or they run out
♡ Price: 590¥ (excluding tax)

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