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✩#149 – Gal Nails: My Collection✩


How is everyone doing? Working? Quarantine at home? How are you?!

Last time, I talked about one of my favorite nail designers on Insta. After having tried acrylic and gel nails, I always find myself going back to the ones you glue on. They don’t mess up your nails as much and you can change them out often. Plus they are WAAAYYYYY cheaper than getting them done. That’s not to say I don’t like them and I think the work is amazing, but there are a lot of facts of why I don’t get them.


So, I thought it would be nice to put a little post together of the nails I have collected over the years. At one point, I felt like Ran from GALS! XD

I actually started collecting them BECAUSE of Ran Kotobuki! And with more EGG magazines I collected, the more cute designs I saw. On one trip to 5 Below, I bought my first sets.

When I first got into gal, I was mostly into Himekaji so these really worked out for the style. I was also heavily into Tsum Tsums so I had to get this set as well XD

It was kinda fun fooling people into thinking they were professionally-done nails! Then a bit after, I found some hole-in-the-wall 99 cent shops near where I work and found even more Gyaru-appropriate styles! And much cheaper than 5$!

Yes, I used this in some Tsuyome coords. Sadly, no photos but one day!

I love the fact that I was able to snag a few that would go very well with Amekaji or even oldschool Haady! Especially with stars~

When I make my Manba debut, I plan to use these babies ❤

Hoping to use these in a future Hime/Himekaji coord!

Even though I don’t dress up that often nowadays, I would still love to at least use my nails. I should take advantage since I don’t have to work and risk losing them XD

Bye for now!

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