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✩#157 – My Life as a Nerdy Gyaru: Gal Gamer✩

It’s definitely no secret. I am originally a gamer. I have been playing video games since I was about 5 years old when my mom and uncle got the first NES system. But since then, I have bounced around from console to console and eventually found my way to MMOs on the computer.

For a long time, I was playing this one game and eventually quit. But for whatever reason, I decided to re-download it again. It’s definitely been keeping me busy while my Darling is at work. And now that Gyaru is my life, I decided to make my character in the style!

She looks very kyabajo to me!

I even played around with fitting someone else’s fashion. I love this hair. One thing I loved about this game is how you get to play around with your character’s looks and the graphics look pretty nice. I was so tempted to get fashion for mine XD

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