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✩#17 My Life as a Nerdy Gyaru Part 1✩

Hey Buns! I wanna’ try something new for my blog. I want to bring in more parts of my life and show you things I collect, things I’m into, etc.

Today I thought I would show you a little corner of my room. Well, it’s not really a corner but it’s one of my favorite spaces. And with the recent addition of a gorgeous figure from two of my best friends, I am really proud of how this space is coming along.

I don’t really get the chance to buy figures. First, it’s an expensive hobby. Not even going to lie. I love all figure sizes, including the little nendoroid ones too. But even those never cost less than 50USD$! (Unless they’re on sale.)

And second, I’m waiting to move out with my Darling so when we do have an entertainment/craft room, we will have a nice display space. At least, that’s what I hope to do. Maybe one day I’ll plan out my future dream home and share it with you! I am not one for doing the visual decorating part before it exists but doing the layout is always fun for me.

Now, you all know I have bunnies and they love to chew on everything! So I leave the bottom shelf empty and only use the top and the first shelf where they can’t reach. The bottom is pretty much a cubby space for them.

Here is my current space!

These are some of my favorite display items that I couldn’t just leave in their boxes. I am an 80s baby so of course I love to collect stuff I grew up with. I’m also still very much a gamer thanks to my fiancé.

If there are any items here that you’d like to see closer, just let me know in the comments!♥

From the right, because I want to show my new figure at the end, we have two boxes of the Hasbro Classic My Little Pony they released a while back. I keep the boxes so when I get to store the ponies, they’ll have something safe to keep in.

In the back of that, is the original Clow book from Cardcaptor Sakura. It is from the first run, way back when they aired the dub on TV. I wish I had kept the box for that but at least I have all of the cards safely kept in the book.

Next to those, we have a special edition figure of Milla from Tales of Xillia that I got with the box set of the game. I had originally purchased it with the intention of getting a PS3 but that year was bad with money. Luckily, I have some great friends and they gave me a system for my birthday! So this Milla statue has a fond memory attached to her.

Resting on Milla is an original Final Fantasy X Moogle plush that another friend hunted for me a long time ago. This little guy, along with most merch from the older games, is very rare and I see one available online like once every 5-8 years! Behind him, I have a very pretty shot glass a friend from work got for me on her trip to Chicago.

And behind that is a cup (which I also have the matching plate, not shown) of Puppy Repede from Tales of Vesperia. It’s still in the plastic and has never been used!

Remember that adorable first collab of Sanrio’s My Melody and Sailor Moon? I got as many pieces as I could from that and I was so happy to get my hands on the night light! I loved everything in the collection but this was definitely my #1 item to get! Sailor Moon and My Melody just look so adorable with a baby Luna watching over them.

Just look at that glow! It’s such a soothing light. I tend to gravitate to warmer light colors and this just makes me so relaxed and happy.

In the back is another prized possession. It’s a near mint, nearly complete Sea Pony from the 80s! I say nearly complete because she is supposed to have a ribbon in her hair but I can always find a replacement.

But how amazing is this?! I never see a 1st gen pony in such amazing condition along with her accessories! This one is Seawinkle. I had Wavedancer as a kid but haven’t seen it since the birthday I got her. 😦 One day, I hope to find her again!

In the very front, are a series of bunny cafe gacha items. A friend had gone to Japan a while back and was sweet enough to get me nearly the whole set! I seriously think just one is missing but I couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful gift. Each little bun has something you would find in the bakery and they’re just so little and adorable.

Next to the bunnies, we have Ms. Bunny Tsum Tsum (from when I tried to collect them). With her are the actual ponies from the boxes mentioned earlier, Glory and Firefly. And there’s an itty bitty Rowlett!

And finally!~
The star of the show!

My first ever Cardcaptor Sakura statue! Isn’t she gorgeous? She is from the new Clear Card series. Have you buns read/watched it yet? It’s cute but I’m definitely more of a fan of the original series. I love old CLAMP so much!

It’s kinda’ funny though that my friends had no idea that there was a new series but just happened to see this one and knew I would love it!

She is beautifully detailed and gorgeously painted. I love how they got her expression so perfectly! Her pose is on point! I also love how the star accents are more than just for aesthetic and actually help hold her up.

It really does look like she hopped out of the anime. I can’t tell you how happy I am to own this figure.

And when I have enough money, I have my eye on this one as well!

Hope you enjoyed my little space. I went into as much detail as I could so you could also feel like you’re seeing it in person!