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✩#40 – Review: Daiso Plumeria Face Mask✩

Thank you to all who wanted me to do this review. I was actually curious myself about these face masks. I remember the craze about them and how a lot of people added them to their skin care regiments. My skin is so sensitive, I can’t always use a lot of products. But after looking at the ingredients, this one was okay for me to use.

This is the Plumeria Face Mask by Beauty Treats. Beauty Treats is a CRUELTY-FREE company based in LA, California. I learned about them a while back after a favorite blogger of mine had shown her makeup collection and featured their Heartbreaker Palette. It was pretty decent for the price and is a good starter palette.

I had also purchased the Heart Love Glitter Palette and some eyeliner crayons and I hated them. The quality on those were terrible and I stopped buying this brand. Before using this face mask, I was a little skeptical because of those two items.

But here we are.

The packaging has always been my favorite about this brand. It’s always colorful and pleasing to the eye. This face mask is no different and if you’re a gal or just a fan of Plumeria, you will definitely notice it.

It contains one mask and a helpful plastic(?) protector/applicator. Please keep in mind that I don’t really use face masks so it was a little difficult for me to place it correctly on my face.

One thing I hear a lot about with face masks is that some of them can have a slimy texture. And even after taking off the mask, you’re left with that feeling on your skin. But even when taking the mask out of the pouch, it was very soothing and refreshing. The scent was very nice too and was very mild. Not at all overpowering.

I don’t know if the mask is big or I am really bad at applying these. But this was the best that I could do with applying the mask to my face. The directions say to leave on the mask for 15-20 minutes and I left it on for the full 20 minutes. After the time was up, I massaged the solution into my skin and it worked beautifully. It felt like I was putting on moisturizer and was left with nothing but soft and great-feeling skin.

✩Review Summary✩

Price: 10/10
The masks retail at some Daiso for $1.99 USD. Definitely not bad for a surprisingly good product!

Look/Quality: 10/10
The packaging is simple but elegant and eye-pleasing. It gets down right to the point of which one you’re getting. The solution is much better than what I imagined for the price. In a lot of makeup, the price reflects the quality but this was a very good surprise!

Comfort: 9/10
This would have gotten 10 but because of the application (or maybe I’m just not good at it), I felt at some spots I had to keep smoothing it down to my face. When I would adjust it, other spots moved with it. But it definitely covered everything and it was just so soothing to keep on my face.

Final Score: 9.7
Would I Recommend?
Even after being a little nervous using Beauty Treats again, this face mask is definitely worth it. Face masks are not always cheap and I feel guilty spending more than $3 for one sheet. But I would definitely recommend these. Plus they’re CRUELTY-FREE. And now that I have a Daiso by me, I’m going to see if they carry them!

Special shout out to my girl, Gretchen for sending this to me! You’re the best!♥

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