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✩#15 – Daiso Lash Review ✩

I had never purchased lashes from Daiso before. So when I saw that our local location (so awesome to say that!) had a few to choose from, I decided to give it a try. I got the spikiest pair I could find.

✩See my Daiso NYC Grand Opening post here.✩

They only cost me 1.99 USD. The packaging is pretty standard and contains 3 pairs. Opening it, you can break off the cardboard and use the plastic tray to store your lashes. Even though I also purchased the lash cases (seen in above photo!) from Daiso, I keep the unused pairs in this.

The band is not thin like most cheap brands and actually has a decent amount of space for glue. The lashes also seem to be adhered to the band pretty well. (I bought Diamond Lash knockoffs and have ripped so many T-T )

Here, they are worn!
✩NOTE: This is with a full gal look with my usual amount of eye liner ✩

✩Review Summary✩

Price: 10/10
At 1.99, you can’t complain! I know I’m not. XD

Look/Quality: 9/10
They are definitely on the lighter side so they would be nice for softer styles like himekaji, larme kei and probably even lolita. They might even work for cosplay! For this look, I was going more for Amekaji. If you want a more dramatic look, I would recommend stacking these with at least one other pair. But as I said, they are a bit more sturdy than other cheap ones I’ve tried.

Comfort: 10/10
The lashes are surprisingly easy to apply and don’t bother my eyes or skin at all. I have sensitive skin and hooded eyes so this is important. I have used lashes in the past that if not place right, would feel like they’re stabbing me. Thankfully, this is not the case with these Daiso lashes.

Final Score: 9.7
Would I Recommend?
Decent quality for a cheap price. Not ideal for a lot of Gyaru styles but can be worked in. If you can get to a Daiso, I say yes they are worth picking up. Because sometimes emergencies happen and you will not always have your favorite lashes available.