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✩#159 – 10 Week Gyaru Blog Challenge: Week 4✩

Week 4 challenge:

Inspirations (gaijin/models)

Being the type of gal that loves to try different styles, I have inspirations from a number of different kinds of gyaru. It really started to become noticeable as I got more and more into Gyaru bloggers. It was through all these gals, that I was able to learn more and find models that inspired them!



(insta: @ kanae_comprenda)
First and foremost, Kaa-tan. She was one of the very first Japanese Gyaru I saw when doing my research. I’ve always been into bright and fun colors and she was just everything I wanted to be. She still is! She is no longer gal but she will always be the Manba queen ♥


(insta: ???)
Seeing Yun in D.I.A. is what got me obsessed with the brand and Kuro/Tsuyome. I have lots of issues of EGG that she has appeared in and she is my Kuro goal! I’m sad I haven’t seen anything of her outside these old issues. If anyone knows any of her SNS, please let me know!

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(insta: @ aochanp | yt: あおちゃんぺ aochanp )
Ao-chan is one of my favorite Black Diamond members. I love how she does her hair, clean eye make and she seems to really love stars! Ao-chan is a huge anime fan and I really feel like I can relate to her because I’m also a fan of anime and video games! She really made me want to get an Alba Rosa coat and Kiko x Esperanza boots. XD


(insta: @ kyiiripu.friedegg)
The first time I saw anything of Kiiripu was when EGG was getting back into production. While many other Japanese Gyaru have toned down, she is one of the few models that screams Gal to me. She looks amazing in both short hair and long hair and her make is so strong. Really hoping to be able get my makeup game as good as hers ♥


(insta: @ hellolizziebee | blog: hellolizziebee.com)
Lizzie is one of the main reasons why I got into Gyaru a long time ago. I found her blog when she was very much into agejo and I became so in love with gal. She gives very good advice, is into different styles and is super sweet!


(insta: @ _emiii_chan | blog: emiiichan.blogspot.com)
The QUEEN of Liz Lisa! She’s so nice and always answers any questions. She has a very good archive of Liz Lisa on her blog which is practically a catalog! She shows so many different coord ideas with each piece which is EXTREMELY helpful.


(insta: @ georgie_piyo | blog: georgiepiyo.blogspot.com)
Georgie is my oldschool muse. I had been reading her blog for a long time and always appreciated the details and ootd. She’s such a doll and a huge inspiration to me as a gal and a blogger!


(insta: @ mayuminnielove | blog: mayuminnielove.blogspot.com )
Mayu’s make and outfits are always on point – no matter what. And now she has a blog which I love to read!


(insta: @ himeamora | yt: himehimestar)
Such an amazing gal!♥ She is my gyaru sensei and has a really informative YT channel. I am so grateful to her and her wealth of information and inspiration! She’s so very helpful and really guided me on how to be a better gyaru. 

☆Sari Melody☆

(insta: @ sarimelody | blog (dead): cocothechoco.blogspot.com)
An old favorite hime style gyaru blogger of mine! Her style is different and she doesn’t blog anymore but is still active on  her Insta. I used to love reading about her outings and seeing her different coords. Her blog is still around if you would like to read!


(insta: @ rosie_os | blog (dead): rosie-os.blogspot.com |
yt: rosieoscereal)
A spanish blogger turned vlogger, Rosie is such a cutie! Her original blog was mostly in spanish and featured her kawaii life. She continued on doing so for YT, but is no longer gal. But if you love kawaii things, check out her channel!


(insta: @ nino_nomz | blog (dead): okashiyummy.blogspot.com)
Another blogger cutie. Nino was one of my top favorites when it came to gal bloggers. Her eye make and hair were always so amazing and I loved her coords. She had such fun and amazing looks especially in MA*RS. Her style has changed but she is active on her Insta and still looks amazing.


(insta: @ suiclown | blog (deleted): suiprincess.com)
I loved reading about her life and how much stuff she got to do. Her Hime style was perfect. I was a huge fan of hers when she was hime all the way till she dressed like Miwako from Parakiss. But eventually, she stopped blogging and our preferences differed too much. So after a while, I even stopped following her Insta. She still posts on it from what I understand but mostly in costume. And I’m so sad her blog is gone now! Princess Sui will always be in my memories and if I ever get to dress Hime, I will look to her for inspiration!

These are just some of my biggest inspirations from the beginning. I have quite a few more but I just wanted to share the ones that helped get me started. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s inspirations are!

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