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✩#142 – My First Gal Make tutorial✩

A little disclaimer…
This is my very first tutorial on anything. It’s not perfect. But I was inspired by a lot of gals doing lives and tutorials on different things. Hope you like it!

This is my tutorial of how I typically do my make up for when I go out or go to work.

Products used for today’s look:

  • NickaK eyeshadow palette
  • Colourpop pressed powder (dark)
  • Wet n’ Wild concealer (nude for thought)
  • Colourpop All Star primer
  • Milani eyeshadow primer
  • Colourpop BFF mascara (black)
  • NYX Epic Ink liner (black)
  • NYX white eye liner
  • Colourpop concealer (fair 04)
  • Milani Stayput waterproof pencil eyeliner (black)
  • DUO eyelash glue (white dries clear)
  • Milani liquid foundation (09A Natural Tan)
  • Black Radiance contour palette (light to medium)
  • CYO blush (crush on blush)
  • Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow (sugar)
  • Colourpop super shock (fizz)

SPECIAL NOTE: I only use cruelty-free and/or vegan products.
If you would like to know where to buy these, just leave a comment or message me!

First thing’s first. You have to prime your face! I’m using this one from Colourpop. It was actually one of the products I wanted to try in a previous post. It’s actually quite nice and has a pleasant scent.


I put just enough to put a light layer on my face.

After spreading it evenly and set for a few seconds, it’s time for foundation! I love the ones from Milani. They’re in the higher price range when it comes to pharmacy brands, but they cover very well.

I do a lot more looks for Manba and Kuro/Tsuyome so I use a darker shade. ♥

I pat down my face with a towelette to remove any excess. Next, I add concealer! The one from Wet n’Wild is good for my cupid’s bow, chin and even a little on my nose.

I go over my nose again with the Colourpop one and around my eyes. A little goes a long way with this one and works very well for Manba.

With a combination of my index finger and my stipple brush, I start blending it all out.

After working with it as much as I want to, I take my pressed powder from Colourpop and set everything and make it all blend much easier.

Contouring is next! I use an big angled brush to go around my face while I use a smaller brush for the sides of my nose. I just love it when I get the perfect nose stripe!

Face is mostly done. So it’s time for the eyes.

Taking my Milani eye primer, I put just a tiny bit on my fingertip and tap it onto each of my eyes. It’s important to let it set for a few seconds.

I felt like being green today so we are using the shade marked with a star from my NickaK eyeshadow palette. I’m not a huge fan of green but this one is actually pretty!

When I have a palette with a lot of colors, I try to use as many as possible so I don’t feel like I wasted it…

It’s kind of hard sometimes to make sure you have enough color showing with hooded eyes. So I make sure to go as close to my brows as possible. So if you don’t have an issue like mine, then you don’t have to! I have these cute little brushes that my sister gave me that are double-ended! So on one end, I can pack the color on and with the other I can blend it out.

I love sparkles and shine so I also added a little Colourpop super shock on top of the shadow. Next, I take my white liner and go just around and under my inner corners.

I set it and fill in the rest of my waterline with white eyeshadow. I make it thick enough so I know where to put my black liner.

I love the droopy eye look and have been practicing a lot to get the perfect one. So far, this has been my favorite drop length. I love NYX liquid eyeliners for this! Of course, you can use your preferred liquid eyeliner and length.

A lot of the time, my right eye starts to tear up after I put on makeup. And no matter what liquid liner I have used, they all wash away! And yes, I have even tried setting the liquid eyeliner with eyeshadow…it still disappears. The only way to combat this issue that works for me is to use a gel pencil liner! So I switch to that for the inner corner.

With the Milani pencil, I go right up to where my lower lashes start. It’s one of those pencils that you sharpen and I can never get a fine point so I switch over to another pencil and continue connecting my lines.

Once the nerve-wrecking part is over… XD

I go over my lashes with mascara to make sure they’re uniform in color in case some of the shadow fell on them. Today I used Diamond Lash “Glamorous Eye” and my mixed bottom lashes (which I created myself with ones I got from eBay)!



Usually at this point I see whether I want to use blush or not. If yes, then which color and how to place it. I used my CYO blush this time for just a little color.

And that’s the full look!

It used to take me about two hours to do my makeup. But I finally got a system that took it down to at most 45 minutes. Most of the time I’m using to try and choose my eye style and color XD

I hope this tutorial wasn’t too bad. I actually had a lot of fun doing it! Next time, I would like to try Kaa-tan’s Manba style. She will be forever my Manba/Romanba Queen! ♥

Are there any other kinds of tutorials you would like to see me do? Let me know in the comments!

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