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✩#88 Happy Galloween!✩

The day has finally arrived! Every October, I look forward to Halloween. Maybe it was because I was a Disney kid. Or maybe I just love the thought of being able to dress up however I want and not be judged. Not that I mind what others think of me. And there’s always conventions!

This year, I didn’t get to really celebrate since I had to work tonight. But I still dressed up. And it was a great way to do things on a budget!

I originally wanted to be Louise from Bob’s Burgers but I just wasn’t able to get to a costume place that had them. And by the time I figured out I could get decent costumes from eBay it was too late. But a quick trip to Daiso fixed my problem.

When I saw the leopard print ears, I knew what I was going to do. So I found a couple of pictures for inspo and got right to work. It was my first time doing makeup like this but I was really proud of how it all came out!

I had all of the makeup I needed plus one of my D.I.A. tops worked perfectly! And the best part was my costume cost me just a couple of bucks AND I kept it Gal!

Hope you all had a good Halloween! Did you get to do anything?

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